Peripheral vision

This last one is my favorite. Start on one leg or tandem stance and begin to look far into the distance about 100 meters. While staring at one spot far in the distance start to take notice of everything in your peripheral vision. Call out what you see, but do not move your gaze.

~ Emily Splichal from,

Frequently, I perambulate through the enormous amounts of information I’ve bookmarked—in every sense of that word. Often I read things which cause me to discover some new thread of thinking. But just as often I find things that simply make me go, “hmm, that’s interesting.” So tomorrow I think I’ll assemble some pipe scaffolding to make something upon which to balance, simply so I can try this exercise.


Scaf 101: A source for swivel clamps

Eventually, you will want to purchase swivel clamps. They can be quite expensive. But, I found this place, which sold them to me for an unpublishably, insane, low price: ɕ

Swivel pipe clamps

EIGHT. DOLLARS. I found a place which sells these online for 8 (eight, EIGHT?!) dollars each. Sure, it took forever to get here, their box exploded and FedEx apparently had to re-box and re-label it. But EIGHT dollars? So, uh, bribe me if you want to buy clamps from this site before they figure out they have these priced wrong… *scurries off to play with clamps* (This is probably like that time when that well known Scotch-selling web site based in England finally figured out that it’s illegal to ship alcohol to Pennsylvania… after I ordered from them a bunch of times :P


Keep on keepin’ on!



Keep on keepin’ on!: I’ve filled in the rest of the bars and this thing now needs a name. Until you’ve tried moving in a complex space, you won’t know how supremely capable the human body is; shoulders, grip, torso, knees, feet, vision, proprioception, spacial mapping… that meat-frame your mind lives in is meant to M. O. V. E.


Live bait

7′ pull-up bar, “water fall” bars, 7′ long clear railing, gap challenges, adjustable precision bars… my new live-bait trap for scaf-loving humans. There’s an LVPK women’s event tomorrow (Saturday)… so I’ll be investigating this beastie! Who’s in?