Scaf 101: A source for swivel clamps

Eventually, you will want to purchase swivel clamps. They can be quite expensive. But, I found this place, which sold them to me for an unpublishably, insane, low price: ɕ

Swivel pipe clamps

EIGHT. DOLLARS. I found a place which sells these online for 8 (eight, EIGHT?!) dollars each. Sure, it took forever to get here, their box exploded and FedEx apparently had to re-box and re-label it. But EIGHT dollars? So, uh, bribe me if you want to buy clamps from this site before they figure out they have these priced wrong… *scurries off to play with clamps* (This is probably like that time when that well known Scotch-selling web site based in England finally figured out that it’s illegal to ship alcohol to Pennsylvania… after I ordered from them a bunch of times :P

This to this

Put this together yesterday. Incredibly gorgeous morning to be moving… aka rapping my head on the bars first thing in the morning :P

Labor Day

Post pool party and cook out with family, little scaf play… “couples who scaf together, laf’ together!” Fall is my favorite season :D

Men “working”

Back home, stripped scaf down and building in the lawn. Rails balance, a waterfall and some random angles. Lazy parkour Saturday!

Live bait

7′ pull-up bar, “water fall” bars, 7′ long clear railing, gap challenges, adjustable precision bars… my new live-bait trap for scaf-loving humans. There’s an LVPK women’s event tomorrow (Saturday)… so I’ll be investigating this beastie! Who’s in?