My vision is a world where everyone can flourish. My mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion.

Great conversation requires great listening from everyone involved. But if we don’t actively practice, listening will become a lost art. The key to its preservation lies in cultivating our natural, genuine curiosity. That curiosity will lead to understanding, and then to compassion. I hope you’ll join me through my projects below, or by taking initiative in your own life, online or off.

My weekly email

I have a free weekly email. It comes out on Sundays and contains my reflections on interesting things I find laying about mixed with a selection of quotes worth pondering. There are no hooks, no affiliate links, and no guest posts— Here’s what to expect. Like? Sign up.

The idea of repetition and stasis are a fool’s errand. We are changed from one day to the next, one moment, one breath. Acknowledge that you are moving and the question then is speed not whether, and Plato says not to discourage yourself over that. Thank you for a Sunday morning reflection.

~ Jesse D.

A community for podcasters

In the Podcaster Community I've created a space for people who create podcasts — whether you’re thinking about it, just starting out, or are publishing your 100th episode — I’d love for you to join me. Podcasting—creating podcasts, and helping others get started, learn and improve—is the biggest part of my efforts to serve my mission and to move towards my vision.

This community is a place where podcasters can share and amplify their enthusiasm for the art of podcasting. Podcasters collaborate in a supportive space, free to showcase their talents, refine their creative process, and sharpen their craft. My goal is to provide the tools and culture to enable positive interactions and create growth and development among our members. By sharing ideas in this space, podcast creators refine their knowledge, skills, and principles related to podcasting.

Discovery. Reflection. Efficacy.

Those three words at the top describe my practice—the journey of my whole life. As a part of my practice, this blog has a specific purpose: It's a vehicle for my process of reflection.

I wanted three words that reflect my practice in terms of its essentials, but which could also help others find their personal path to success. The words had to capture the ideas of action and thinkingdoing and learning. They had to wrap up my process and philosophy in a way that captures who I am and provides value to others. I think that discovery and reflection applied iteratively, building on previous knowledge and success leads to continued growth. Repeated experience with success and growth leads to a recognition of efficacy where you understand that you have potential to be successful in almost anything.

The Movers Mindset project

The Movers Mindset project examines the nature and philosophy of movement by exploring themes like independence, self-direction, and human excellence. The project promotes self-improvement through the podcast and Forum. In the podcast, I talk with movement enthusiasts to learn who they are, what they do, and why they do it. There's a Movers Mindset tag here on this site, but for all things Movers Mindset, head over to https://moversmindset.com/.

The project grew from conversations I started having as part of my personal journey rediscovering movement. The project started late in 2015, and it was initially simply a web site that shared others’ writing. The project grew, and in 2017 I started a companion podcast. In 2019 I created the Movers Mindset Forum where, my goal is to facilitate self-improvement by focusing on movement as a mastery practice and highlighting the processes of discovery and reflection. It’s free to join, and the Forum provides the opportunity to interact with and learn from podcast guests, athletes, experts, and like-minded others.

Little Box of Quotes

I've created a bite-sized, daily podcast, Little Box of Quotes, which is based on the ever-growing collection of quotes I keep in the little box on my desk.

A long long time ago I began collecting inspirational quotes and aphorisms. I kept them on the first version of my web site, where they were displayed randomly. But as time went on, I realized I wanted them where I would see them. Eventually I copied the fledgeling collection onto 3×5 cards and put them in a small box. As I find new ones, I add cards.

More about this web site

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Where are the ads, the side bars of widgets, the sharing controls, the attention grabbing baubles?! I'm glad you noticed. My choice of site design is intentional; it's my way of demonstrating my respect for your time, dear reader.

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