My vision is a world where everyone can flourish. My mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion.

Great conversation requires great listening from everyone involved. But if we don’t actively practice, listening will become a lost art. The key to its preservation lies in cultivating our natural, genuine curiosity. That curiosity will lead to understanding, and then to compassion. I hope you’ll join me through my projects below, or by taking initiative in your own life, online or off.

Ready to think?
Sunday mornings I’ll send you something thought-provoking. No hooks, no affiliate links, no guest posts— Simply a few things from my brain. Hesitant to sign up for “another thing?” That’s wise. You can see some of my previous emails on the MailChimp archives page.

Discovery. Reflection. Efficacy.
Those three words at the top describe my practice—the journey of my whole life. As a part of my practice, this blog has a specific purpose: It’s a vehicle for my process of reflection.

Movers Mindset
The Movers Mindset project examines the nature and philosophy of movement by exploring themes like independence, self-direction, and human excellence. The project promotes self-improvement through the podcast and Forum. In the podcast, I talk with movement enthusiasts to learn who they are, what they do, and why they do it. There’s a Movers Mindset tag here on this site, but for all things Movers Mindset, head over to https://moversmindset.com/.

Little Box of Quotes
I also have a bite-sized podcast, Little Box of Quotes, which is based on the ever-growing collection of quotes I keep in the little box on my desk. Search for Little Box of Quotes wherever you normally listen. And of course all the quotes are here, tagged Little Box of Quotes.

Are you looking for a podcast guest?
I’m interested in many topics, but conversation is at the top of my list; What is it, how does it work, how do we create better conversation, etc.. That said, I’m open to any good conversation. If you’d like to talk about scheduling an appearance simply send an email to craig@constantine.name and tell me what you’d like to talk about. If you’d like to see where else I’ve appeared, Craig Constantine on Podchaser is the best place to start.

More about this web site
If you’re simply browsing, (again, welcome! :) take a look at the list of recent posts.

Where are the ads, the side bars of widgets, the sharing controls, the attention grabbing baubles?! I’m glad you noticed. My choice of site design is intentional; it’s my way of demonstrating my respect for your time, dear reader.

To help you get around, I’ll mention…
• There is a search in the ≡ menu at the top.
• Posts have tags at the bottom.
• There are a lot of tags. But you can see all the interesting tags on one page.
• A large number of my posts are “threaded” together into series. You’ll notice this if you land on such a post; it will have links to follow the series, in addition to the usual links to move in date-posted order. There is also a page listing all the series.
• There’s a surprising [to me] amount of photography here. The best-of-the-best are shown on the Featured Photography page.
• If you want to learn more about me, head to the About page.