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I’ve been posting since 2011. There are way more than 2,000 post here and I generally post every day. This makes this blog nearly impossible to “browse.” Sorry about that. To keep up going forward, you can subscribe to my RSS feed, (learn about RSS,) or subscribe to emails.

To help you get around, I’ll mention:

  • There is a search in the menu.
  • Posts have tags at the bottom.
  • There are a lot of tags. You can see all of the tags on one page.
  • A large number of my posts are “threaded” together into series. You’ll notice this if you land on such a post; it will have links to follow the series, instead of strict time-posted ordering. There is also a page listing all the series.
  • There’s a surprising [to me] amount of photography here. The best-of-the-best are shown on the Featured Photography page.

If you want to learn more about me, head to the About page. Note that at the very bottom, it links off to the posts tagged “Meta”.

If you’re interested in the Movers Mindset project, there’s a Movers Mindset tag. But you can also just head to

I also have a small podcast based on the collection of quotes I keep in the little box on my desk. You can find more information (as well as play the episodes) over on Simple Cast at, or search for “Little Box of Quotes” wherever you normally listen to podcasts.

The header image is a montage of photos that are meaningful to me. It’s not meant to imply I’m an outdoorsie-badass. An awesome guy named Miguel Chero did the editing for me.

Wow, ok… If you’re still reading, you should immediately move away from whatever device you are reading this on… drop down and do five pushups… then go outside and MOVE!