100 days of trying to train every day

I’ve recently returned home inspired to up my training. In recent months, I’ve been generally trying to do something– some sort of activity, even just a good long walk– every day. So I’m going to try to do 100 consequtive days of getting in a…

Day 1/100 – QM

Home and inspired to try a new challenge (which I’ve seen others do) – 100 consequtive days of getting in a good training session- something. anything. With a public post to keep me homest and on track. Will you join me? #artdudeplacement

Day 3/100 – 30 minutes on a rail

Fell off many times, but remembering Stephane’s advice each time: “Go easy on yourself and simply get back on.” Exhaustion, anger, shaking, soaked in sweat, eternity. #artdudeplacement #100days

Day 4/100 – Walking and weeding

Tracy and I are off to walk a two mile loop with a stop to weed our plot in the community garden and harvest some tomatos! #artdudeplacement #100days https://constantine.name/100days

Day 5/100 – 2 hr class

Regular Sunday class with @pkgenlehighvalley , some climb-up practice at end #artdudeplacement #100days https://constantine.name/100days

Day 6/100 – 15 minute drill

Pick a number of push-ups, do them every minute for 14 minutes, last minute do double the number. #100days #artdudeplacement https://constantine.name/100days

Day 7/100 – Cardio

Arm-strong brand mower, plus lots of rain = great work out! #100days #artdudeplacement https://constantine.name/100days

Day 8/100 – More running

It is extremely helpful to have a training partner… neither of us felt motivated to run, until we guilted each other into it. Not much of a run, but part of this project is to have “no zero days”; no days where I do nothing…

Day 9/100 – “101”

101 rep’s of 8 different QM motions (all low and high monkeys) #100days #artdudeplacement https://constantine.name/100days