As I mentioned many times, taking a picture was the hardest part. If (when?) I do this sort of silliness again, I will have to come up with a way to make the photography easier. A lot of times I just didn’t want to carry…

Day 100/100 – precision

one. hundred. days. (with one miss.) Worst part? …the photos. Shout out to Miguel on this one for catching me as I stuck a sequence of strides across the wall to a precision (on a wall, that’s not a flat-top box.)

Day 98/100 – commuting

It’s about two miles each way (it’s not a straight line) to my office. I can walk it in silence as a nice way to relax and unwind. But today I’m listening to podcasts, dictating notes, making calls and getting stuff done during my commute.

Day 97/100 – ring a’ ding ding

Variation of the 15 minute drill, on rings. Do about 15 seconds of effort every minute, for 15 minutes. Variations: Strict pushups with both hands in the rings; knee pushups both hands in rings; strict pushups with ONE hand on floor; static plank (high and…

Day 95/100 – strollin’

Strollin’ around Philly (the Italian market) and then meeting an old friend from college for dinner. Not really a workout, but it’s all I got for day 95. (so ready to be done with ‘100 days’!)

Day 92/100 – elements

Dropped into the Lehigh Valley Parkour Academy to check out the Elements class… 45 minutes of increasing-dificulty precision jump challenges. oof!