(Part 104 of 104 in 100 Days of Training)

As I mentioned many times, taking a picture was the hardest part. If (when?) I do this sort of silliness again, I will have to come up with a way to make the photography easier. A lot of times I just didn’t want to carry my phone with me (e.g. running). And for the things that were visually interesting, capturing the 3rd-person point of view usually required me to setup a small tripod and use the self-timer or my remote. All of which — everything about taking the photos — seriously detracted from the fun of “just be active every day.”

How did it turn out physically? Meh. No particular weight loss. No particular weight gain. No particular increase in strength. (Other than my usual, generally upward slope of improvements this time of year.)

Mentally? Meh. It turned completely into a chore and took the fun out of it. Sure, it was fun to post things, and to see people’s likes and comments. But on the grand scheme of things, it was a large distraction. I would do much better to — and this is what I will be doing — simply find things which inspire me and do them regularly. Then move on when I feel like something new.

So. There you have it.



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