Cat Island to Miami

Way back in 1980, my dad arranged to help a friend (a navy buddy if I recall correctly) named Drew move his yacht from Cat Island (in the Bahamas) to Miami.

It was as much a vacation for us, as it was us helping Drew and his wife move their boat. We took a commercial flight to Nassau and spent a day or two there. From Nassau, we took this little charter plane to Cat Island… which is just a spit of sand with nothing on it other than a tiny “runway”. From there we sailed the 200+ miles to Miami.

To make the “crossing”, my dad and Drew had to stay up in shifts sailing through the night. Although it does take some attention to detail to navigate, the real concern is that the area is thick with commercial shipping and the “rule of gross tonnage” suggests it is unwise to assert right-of-way (any sailing vessel has the legal right-of-way over any powered vessel.) So we prudently dodged enormous ships who couldn’t see us (visually) and probably didn’t care even if they did notice us on radar (via Drew’s radar reflector.) Anyway.

Do I remember anything in particular? Absolutely. I remember staying up all night, on the open sea, in the pitch black. You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face… nothing but star-light. And the stars… The constellations looked to fall out of the sky onto your head.


Bruce and Terry

“Who are these people? …and what are they doing in our photographs?!”

This one is from a “Highlights of the Caribbean” carousel tray of a 100 slides. I’m guessing the 70s from the outfits.



I’ve not the least recollection of this horsey ride; But clearly, it was a thing.

Also: Not all babies are actually cute. This one is clearly “questionable.” (Yes, this is me.)


Also, people didn’t know to click on images

I distinctly remember:

  1. When inlining of images happened; The first time it was possible to put an image directly INTO the page. And JPEGs man. JPEGs where coooooooooool.
  2. Also, tables. Today, everyone loves to whine about how bad it is to use tables to layout pages. NOT having tables was much, much worse.
  3. And image-maps; The idea that WHERE exactly you clicked on an image, could take you to different content. I won’t even get into what we had to do to make it work… (but it involved: convex polygon mathematics, C code, a compiler, and a DEC Alpha work station.)
  4. …and we had to TELL people, “A lot of images in Skew are links… Click at will!” when we started e-publishing a magazine in December 1994.

So yeah, back in the day we had Mosaic. Then these guys hit it out of the park with:

Navigator was the way millions of people around the world were introduced to the web. Many web technologies and standards, such as as SSL, Java, Javascript, open APIs and support for online media, were innovations that Navigator made mainstream.

~ Brian McCullough, from On The 20th Anniversary – An Oral History Of Netscape’s Founding


Throwback Thursday: 1973 Hot Cycle

1973 brought some sick new styling for the Hot Cycle line! Christmas morning, age two… man, it was all down hill from there.

I have some sweet memories of that Hot Cycle; Cruisin’ for chicks, hangin’ with my homies, and smashing out four front teeth in a 3 Hot Cycles pile-up into a railroad-tie retaining wall… I blame the Hot Cycle’s brakes, by which I mean: Complete lack of brakes. (Unless you count the ability to run over your own legs as brakes.)