35 things that surprised me before 35

http://www.stilldrinking.org/35-things-that-surprised-me-before-35 #6. You’re just not going to finish some things. Deal with it. ~ Peter Welch

St Martin 2001

A few photos from a sailing vacation in 2001 to St. Martin.

Flatiron #1

900 feet. 6.5 hours of climbing. It is 6am and I’ve been napping in the front seat of Mike’s van since 3am. I’m pecking this out, stream of consciousness, on my phone, racing the dying charge, with a sore right pointer finger. Other than some…

Hoist that mainsail!

Two salty dudes hoisting a mainsail during a sailing trip in 2001 to St. Martin. That would be my great friend Mike on the winch and yours-truly coaxing the luff rope into the mast track. Also, but not shown, you can buy Cuban cigars in…