Picco on Tremont St

Perfect weather for an outside dinner, followed by exquisite in-house ice cream from Picco. Tomorrow we’ll #ardv17 but tonight we’re taking time for friends (John?! …where are you?? Drive faster!! ;)


FirstARDV I attended was here….

That’s an odd door

Strolling Boston’s North End, short cut thru an alley… the door really is as short as it seems

Hingham Ferry (part 2)

Just a couple shots that were too good not to post. These are from April 2015, when I was in Boston for a parkour event, and I took a short ride on the Hingham ferry to spend the afternoon with some family in Hingham.


Hello again Boston

Atlantic Ave heading to the ferry to cruise down to Hingham. GORGEOUS day!

The Black Rose

Thanks Matt for coming into town to hang w me. This place is AWESOME. Will come here when next I’m in boston. #irishpub #winning


Pre-Jam coffee at JP Licks. Snowy and chilly and wet – PERFECT weather for #parkour in #somerville


Lunch in Boston! …not shown, pastrami sandwich. *burp*