Moss and snow at Opus 40

We were standing at the base of this wall, debating climbing it… amazing what you find if you just look.

Flowering moss

Macro-photography of some flowering moss, from the Sarah P. Duke gardens in Durham, NC.

Bethlehem serenity garden

Adjacent to Bethlehem’s public library is a Japanese serenity garden. It was a gift from Bethlehem’s sister city Tondabayashi Japan. In 1971, Tondabayashi sent all the materials and the workmen to build this as a gift to the people of Bethlehem. If you live in the Lehigh Valley, this is a great place to visit; it’s just a short walk from Main Street on the north side of the city. These photos are from a dedication of a new “Mayors’ Green” that is located just in front of the garden.


Fall colors

Quick shots from around our neighborhood a few nights ago; sunset, blue sky and fall colors! #nofilter

October moon

Walked out the front door, and found this! The best camera is the one you have with you. :^)

Heading to Kingston

Heading up to Kingston NY for Dylan’s new gym’s open house. Selection of some early fall foliage from this morning’s drive!