Photo gallery for this series

This post presents a gallery of ALL images in this series. You can click on any to enlarge; you can even click on the first, sit back, and it’ll run them all as a slide show. The gallery is dynamic so it will automatically grow…

6,000 slides

A couple years ago I started this project of scanning slides. About 3,000 slides in, I thought I was done… and then more slides were found. So, this is, I think, really and finally the end of scanning. I am now working through tagging the…

Childhood winters

A random slide from the early 90’s, taken at 660 Westminster street in Allentown. (Some of you may recall the big pink house with the pool?)

Baby it’s cold outside

So I sat down and finished hand-labeling the last 1,000 slides! #OCD If i’m snowed in tomorrow, guess what I’m doing. Between slides and prints, I’m approaching 20,000 digital images. Next up, “some” image tagging. o_O

Return of the slides

Uh, remember that project where I scanned 2,500 of my dad’s slides? …people who bought the house found more squirreled away in the garage. …3,000 more. D: oooooookay. Time to make a seperate web site for all my scans/history…


USS Furse (DD-882/DDR-882) was a Gearing-class destroyer of the United States Navy, named for Lieutenant John H. Furse USN (1886–1907).

Niagara Falls 1968

Here are 20 (out of 36 total) slides from their honeymoon to Niagara falls in 1968.

Niagara falls 1968

Here’s a shot my dad took in 1968 when they were at Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. I have two galleries coming soon; the rest of their honeymoon photos, and the photos from our (Tracy and I) trip to Niagara Falls in 2011.