A telescopic view


It has been a difficult year — politically, personally. Through it all, I have found solace in taking a more telescopic view — not merely on the short human timescale of my own life, looking back on having lived through a Communist dictatorship and having seen poems composed and scientific advances made under such tyrannical circumstances, but on far vaster scales of space and time.

~ Maria Popova

Not sure what it is about this winter, but I’m finding it notably harder to knuckle-down and dig in to prepare for 2018. Normally, the dreary winter months are generally depressing, but it’s the sort of dreary that “cozy up with a good book by the fire (and maybe some good Scotch)” takes care of. But this winter. meh I’ve got a lot of sorting out to do yet for 2018.



The other day I setup the wood crib by the side door, and lit the wood stove for the first time. Aaaaaaaany minute now . . . I will admit, that I do love that Pennsylvania has all four seasons duly represented — even when I have to shovel snow :)


Childhood winters

A random slide from the early 90’s, taken at 660 Westminster street in Allentown. (Some of you may recall the big pink house with the pool?)