Shout out

It’s Mother’s Day here in the United States. So this is just a simple shout-out to my mom, Theresa, Love ‘ya!

(…and, yes, my mother follows my blog. I know, right? It’s like having my mom staring over my shoulder as I do my homework every day. ;)

Anyway. If you’re lucky enough, regardless whether you’re in the U.S. or not, you should probably call your mom more often.


1979 Cruising Permit

In 1979, my mom and dad, and their friends the Hollisters, started a long-time tradition of chartering bare-boat sailboats in the Caribbean.

As I’ve been working my way through things I kept from the house, I recently got to scanning this cruising permit which my father had always kept framed on the wall near his work bench.

To all whom these presents may come
know all men that by
the powers vested in me by the Government
of the Virgin Islands
Bruce Constantine
Master of the Vessel Kona Kai
with his gallant crew of 4
is entitled peacefully to cruise and enjoy
the waters, beaches and reefs
of these blessed islands
from the 18 day of Nov 1979
to the 25 day of Nov 1979