While I was wandering around Trinity Buoy Wharf (where the Chainstore parkour facility is located) I discovered this sign. A musical instrument designed to play, without interruption or repetition, for ONE THOUSAND YEARS ?! Yes, seriously. Check out http://LongPlayer.org

Hello App.net


App.net is WAY cool

What makes it cool, different and BETTER is:

  • They built the PLATFORM, (the heavy lifting behind-the-scenes that makes it all work)
  • They wrote the API, (the instructions for how to build things to USE the platform)

…and that’s all they wrote.


Ice Crystals

Caught these ice crystals forming on glass; The whole area of glass was initially frosted, and as the car warmed up, the evaporating frost fed the growth of these ice crystals. I was just fast enough to catch this one photo. A moment later, the crystals, and all the frost, melted.

The Listserve

the_listserveThe Listserve is an e-mail lottery. One person a day wins a chance to write to the growing list of subscribers. (23,000+ when last I looked at the web site statistics.) So every day, you get one REALLY random email via The Listserve from someone, somewhere around the globe.