While I was wandering around Trinity Buoy Wharf (where the Chainstore parkour facility is located) I discovered this sign. A musical instrument designed to play, without interruption or repetition, for ONE THOUSAND YEARS ?! Yes, seriously. Check out http://LongPlayer.org

Au revoir England

Leaving St Pancras station this morning en route to Paris. When I was in high school, I saw a TV show (yes, pre-internet) about some crazy engineers who were going to try tunneling thru the chalk under the channel. “How awesome would it be to ride THAT train?!” Bit sad to say goodbye to all my friends (old and new) in London, but we will meet again! Allez! Allez!

Allo Allo! London calling…

Across the pond. But before I meet up with some other ‘Yanks tomorrow, I’ve a bucket list item to tick off. Heathrow, to Paddington station, to St Pancras station, to a certain Southeastern traing . . .

The Ring

Change of plans… Lord Nelson has no food after 5. But one block over… daYAM! I could get used to this.