45 days until Level 52

(Part 1 of 46 in series, Level 52 countdown)

The idea is to post here every day to report that I did what I was supposed to do. I’ll include what I plan to do for the next day’s activity. That forces me to plan ahead a bit. That’s the magic sauce because when I fail to plan, I fail.

This is not going to be a 45-day sprint of insane challenges. The idea is to be disciplined. Each day, plan something that is appropriate for me to do.

This post also presents a gallery of the ALL images in this series of posts. The gallery is dynamic so it will automatically grow as I add more posts to this series.

45 – Trail run

(Part 2 of 46 in series, Level 52 countdown)

This is a local trail that I frequent. It’s a loop with ~60m of total elevation. Super easy, but it crushes me every time.

Tomorrow: A 15-minute drill (pick number, do that every minute, last minute do double) of pushups and squats.

41 — Running

(Part 5 of 46 in series, Level 52 countdown)

At least the pace was sub 12-minute, bit faster than my trail “runs”. (I’m thinking running every-other day is prob what I should be doing.) Tomorrow: Lawn mowing (with the human-powered push-mower.)