The Puffin

My trusty pack looks like a Puffin, no? Our next adventure begins in London at RDV. Tracy will be catching up w us next week… in the Alps. #swirlsonthemove rep’in #lvpk for this leg of the journey!

Pennsylvania Parkour

Our host Julia rep’ing Pennsylvania Parkour. Two hour en Francais; Vincent chewed us up. I’m stealing all his QM warmups.

A most sincere thank you

(Part 9 of 68 in ~ My Journey)

Two years ago today, I showed up at Wescosville Elementary at 4pm and tried parkour. A very big thank you to everyone ( Adam, Josh, Joseph, and Miguel in particular) who has been friendly, happy, and encouraging these last two years. This week I will be attempting the ADAPT 1 certification; I could not have accomplished what I have without all the help from the wonderful men and women of lehigh valley parkour. “allez, allez!”

Vault box build

These plans are for building a vault box. This is not easy. You’ll need some good circular saw skills, patience and a lot of labor. Read on!