Silent, poker-faced critic

This morning, after a long night of prep, the Puffin is helping me review my notes for this afternoon’s session at #artofretreat2017 Silent, poker-faced critics are the worst!


The trusy Puffin

Where’s the Puffin? Chillin’ in Newark as I work on episode 7. If you zoom and squint, you might be able to make out episode 7’s guest’s name…


Traveling with friends

Absolutely glorious day in NJ as I catch a train to Boston. Should be outside, but will have to console myself by editing Episode 5 of the PKTS podcast! Episode 4, Caitlin, will be out next week! (What’s in Boston? A little pk on Sunday and an interview too.)


The Puffin

My trusty pack looks like a Puffin, no? Our next adventure begins in London at RDV. Tracy will be catching up w us next week… in the Alps. #swirlsonthemove rep’in #lvpk for this leg of the journey!



Great day training with everyone yesterday at the Toronto Community day. (But it’s really about the swag. ;) Off to the Royal Ontario Museum today. ɕ