Morning New York

The trusty Puffin manages to ingest all my stuff once again. 35 liters for the win :P


Silent, poker-faced critic

This morning, after a long night of prep, the Puffin is helping me review my notes for this afternoon’s session at #artofretreat2017 Silent, poker-faced critics are the worst!


The trusy Puffin

Where’s the Puffin? Chillin’ in Newark as I work on episode 7. If you zoom and squint, you might be able to make out episode 7’s guest’s name…

Traveling with friends

Absolutely glorious day in NJ as I catch a train to Boston. Should be outside, but will have to console myself by editing Episode 5 of the PKTS podcast! Episode 4, Caitlin, will be out next week! (What’s in Boston? A little pk on Sunday and an interview too.)

Road trip

Co-pilot is ready… I need coffee. Jeep needs fuel… then, to PPK Philly!

Adult Life

Where’s the Puffin today? …en route to Govenor’s Island for first full day of Art of Retreat.


The Puffin doubles as a leg rest when lounging awaiting a ride! Hello Kentucky! I am in you. #whereisthepuffin

The Puffin

My trusty pack looks like a Puffin, no? Our next adventure begins in London at RDV. Tracy will be catching up w us next week… in the Alps. #swirlsonthemove rep’in #lvpk for this leg of the journey!


Yeah! finally here, next up: serious relaxing!


Great day training with everyone yesterday at the Toronto Community day. (But it’s really about the swag. ;) Off to the Royal Ontario Museum today.