Au Revoir

Au revoir Ville de Québec! I hear airplanes…

The hardest part?

…is saying goodbye after the final dinner to head back to pack. So many new friends! But I know I’ll see them again. Can’t wait to get home!

Pictures of food

Look I’m really sorry for posting dorky food-photos… but I walked a mile to this vegan restaurant. OMG this is one of yummiest things I’ve ever eaten. It looked awesome and tasted better. It’s a riff off of Pad Thai. It was so good, I’m…

Days off

Resting the ‘ol bones, and exercising the grey matter, with a superlative book by Vincent Thibault in my new, favorite-spot. Update: I’ve started an entire series of posts as part of my studying this book. Study inspired by Pakour & Art du Déplacement by V. Thibault.

Wet training

Class turned into a delightfully refreshing set of challenges from Vincent. AWESOME! #soakedWeirdoOnMassTrasit

Somewhere in Québec

Short bus ride (you can interpret that as you wish) to some sort of community center… a kids’ playground, and then I noticed this area. “Advancé” class tonight with Academie ADD du Québecois! Is it really only Wednesday? pre- pre- warmup before this weekend’s event.

Quintessential Tourist

Breakfast (literally breaking my morning fast at Noon) at the 1640 Cafe. Everyone else wanted to be out in the sun… I had an inside window seat, the whole place to myself. Poached eggs, pile of veggies and some sort of ham (more like a…


Last time I was here, it was, a bit chillier… todays is 70s, breezy, and crazy gorgeous.