Pictures of food

Look I’m really sorry for posting dorky food-photos… but I walked a mile to this vegan restaurant. OMG this is one of yummiest things I’ve ever eaten. It looked awesome and tasted better. It’s a riff off of Pad Thai. It was so good, I’m going to sit here for AN HOUR until their lasagna comes out of the oven!!


Wet training

Class turned into a delightfully refreshing set of challenges from Vincent. AWESOME! ɕ

Somewhere in Québec

Short bus ride (you can interpret that as you wish) to some sort of community center… a kids’ playground, and then I noticed this area. “Advancé” class tonight with Academie ADD du Québecois! Is it really only Wednesday? pre- pre- warmup before this weekend’s event….

To Québec

Allonze’y! (Is that correct? My French is pitiful.) Heading east into the night with a sped-up sunset. Our plane has not thrown a propeller; Interesting argument between the digital camera and the high-speed prop.