Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge

(Part 1 of 12 in series, Williamsburg Bridge QM challenge)

Having carefully examined every inch of the pedestrian pathway on the Williamsburg Bridge, I can authoritatively state that it is in fact, VERY long. When I stood up after 2,000 meters of quadrapedie-movement, I could hardly believe it was over! Two kilometers turned out to be possible!

The entire bit of madness started after I mentioned to several people I might be heading into NYC/Brooklyn on a particular weekend in October. Unfortunately, my plans changed and I forgot to tell Jesse.

As the weekend approached, he sent me a message, “I’ve been thinking of some good physical challenges for when you’re here…” I was just thinking, “Oops, I forgot to tell him I’m not coming into the city that weekend.” When he followed with an upbeat, “Let’s QM across the Williamsburg Bridge on Saturday!”

Now in my defense, I was feeling a little guilty that he had spent time thinking about a visit that I had to abort, and my train of thought went off the rails like this:

The problem with my schedule is that I need to be home by about 3pm on Saturday…
…actually, that gives me until about 1pm to do some QM in the city on Saturday…
…so if I went in Friday, and if we started early enough…
…sure, a little QM in the morning would be fun…
…and October’s weather has been so beautiful…

“Ok, sure! I’m in. Let’s do it!”

…and then I looked up the Williamsburg Bridge on Wikipedia, learned it was 2,200 meters long, and thought, “I have made a terrible mistake.”


Tower two. Oof!

(Part 8 of 12 in series, Williamsburg Bridge QM challenge)

Second tower…



(Part 7 of 12 in series, Williamsburg Bridge QM challenge)

Halfway through the challenge…


1,800 feet

I went for a 45 minute walk this morning! In QM. Went about 1,800 feet (~555 meters). No standing up, just resting in a squat. This is part of a challenge some friends and I will be trying next weekend (Saturday 22nd). We’re going to attempt to bear-crawl across the Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn to NYC. :) If anyone in the area wants to come out and lumber over the East River with us, it’ll be in the morning and we’ll make a Facebook event for it.