Violins are meant to sing. Literally sing. Another finding suggests that Geminiani was onto something. All of the violins included in the study displayed some sonic overlap with the sung vowels. But in the 1570 Amati and the 1560 da Salo, “every violin note appears to carry some degree of human…

Music in human evolution? Aposematism?! … the goal of aposematism is to advertise that, as a piece of prey, you are decidedly unprofitable for the predator. If a predator can easily recognize you (and other members of your species), and remembers getting burned during past encounters, it will quickly…

Too much information

I’ve seen the whole world six times over Sea of Japan to the cliffs of Dover, Overkill. Overview. Over my dead body. Over me. Over you. Over everybody. Too much information / Runnin’ through my brain. ~ The Police, Too Much Information (22)

Put the moment on hold

You can’t stop nothin’ if you got no control. … You can’t stop wishin’ if you don’t let go. … You keep on rollin’ put the moment on hold. ~ Jack Johnson, from Breakdown (7)

Bucket list: Chopin

Bucket list: finally got around to picking up Chopin’s complete works. Something here for any coding/sysadmin occasion!

Ever notice how drinking’s like war?

Ever notice how drinking’s like war? Cup o troops oe’r the guns Til the end of our health A campaign ‘gainst myself Armed with bourbons and scotches and rums ~ Moxy Früvous, from The Drinking Song

Fight test

There are things you can’t avoid / You have to face them / when you’re not prepared to face them ~ The Flaming lips, from Fight Test on Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

The Battlestar Galactica Symphony

Bear McCreary, who wrote the music for the BSG re-imagining, has a detailed discussion of the music for the Daybreak episode. (Boingo fans: Bartek and Avila were involved!) It even describes the meaning and derivation of the final coordinates. I wildly enjoyed the re-imangining of BSG….


George Thorogood & the Destroyers. ba ba ba ba ba BA BAD . . .