Thanks Texas!

I got only the tiniest glimpse of Texas, but had a terrif time! Thanks to my hosts, #texaswinterjam9, and all my friends new and old! …also beat Andy to IAH by a mile :P

Still ahead of Andy

Car drop-off. Gonna miss this lil’ guy! Lot of miles covered @themovementcreative

“Two Brothers BBQ” Challenge Mode

Read it carefully. Can this be eaten by SIX people? Who would the dream team be (in pk circles)? would we have specialists- like one guy who can eat ten pints of cole-slaw? or generalists who eat some of all? how do we do recon? do we fund it with Kickstarter or…

Lion time!

Climbing challenges are best followed by… The SUN!

San Antonio

Ok! After some reluctance, the SUN rose and I can feel my feet again…