The Seine at dawn

The Seine at dawn

This one’s for Jesse (who’s currently on an expidition sharing Parkour in South Africa) who asked for more photos. This is a shot of the Seine near dawn as we were walking to Notre Dame (in Paris, in case that’s not obvious.)

Mom, calm down…

Mom, calm down...

It’s only a splinter! I usually only show the rosy side of travelling and jumping on stuff. Well, seems I picked up a wee sliver of England at RDV XI. (ask me about the barefoot bail into thorns) Yes my tetanus immunization is up to date. THIS is why you should always travel with your personalized med kit… #DIY Tracy trained all day while I did my “wimpy lion with a thorn in its paw” imitation. Hopefully good to go tomorrow #famousLastWords (PSA: early symptoms of Tetanus include jaw spasms, drooling, excessive sweating and irritability? …oh i’ve had that for 45 years then :P

French Bakery

Frech Bakery

I have, apparently, died and gone to heaven. We were walking, and everyone going the other direction was carrying baguettes… hmmmmm, might be a bakery ahead. carbs. more carbs. ohmagerdCARBS!!