Collaboration – with John Baker

John Baker discusses his approach to blending traditional and digital media in art, emphasizing exploration and his love for movement, while exploring the possibility of combining these passions into a sustainable career.

[3 words to describe your practice?] The first one that comes to mind, which is pretty cliche, is: playful. It’s important to be playful and exploring, and not be so serious. Next one is softness. I guess it comes out of being injured in the past— but trying to be softer with movements and softer, gets more gentle in general. Then the third is— I haven’t decided— but collaborative or curious. Usually, with movements, or movement spheres, I like to inquire what other people are exploring.

~ John Baker 30:10

John Baker digs into the intersection of art and movement, exploring how his passion for both disciplines enriches his creative expression. He speaks about his journey in blending traditional and digital media, emphasizing the unique qualities and opportunities each medium offers. John’s approach to art is deeply rooted in exploration and creativity, reflecting his belief in storytelling through both visual and physical mediums. He shares insights on how he navigates the challenges of societal expectations and self-imposed limits while contemplating the integration of his artistic and movement practices into a sustainable career.

John also touches upon his training habits and the significant influence of music on his movement. He describes how different musical genres and rhythms inspire and shape his physical expressions, revealing a deep connection between auditory stimuli and bodily movement. This interplay highlights his holistic approach to creativity, where various elements of life seamlessly blend to inform and inspire his art and movement.


Exploration and creativity — The importance of these elements in both art and movement practices.

Blending media — The use of both traditional and digital media in art.

Career integration — Exploring the idea of combining a love for art and movement into a sustainable career, navigating societal expectations and personal limitations.

Influence of music — How different music genres can inspire movement, showing a connection between auditory stimuli and physical expression.


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