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Discovery • Reflection • Efficacy

Those three words describe my practice—the journey of my whole life. As a part of my practice, this blog has a specific purpose: It’s a vehicle for my process of reflection.

I wanted three words that reflect my practice in terms of its essentials, but which could also help others find their personal path to success. The words had to capture the ideas of action and thinkingdoing and learning. They had to wrap up my process and philosophy in a way that captures who I am and provides value to others. I think that discovery and reflection applied iteratively, building on previous knowledge and success leads to continued growth. Repeated experience with success and growth leads to a recognition of efficacy where you understand that you have potential to be successful in almost anything.

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The idea of repetition and stasis are a fool’s errand. We are changed from one day to the next, one moment, one breath. Acknowledge that you are moving and the question then is speed not whether, and Plato says not to discourage yourself over that. Thank you for a Sunday morning reflection.

~ Jesse D.


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