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What is its purpose, how does it work, how do I create it…

Discovery • Reflection • Efficacy

Those three words describe my practice—the journey of my whole life. As a part of my practice, this blog has a specific purpose: It’s a vehicle for my process of reflection. I write, here, because I am still learning… still trying to listen:

I used to think I wrote because there was something I wanted to say. Then I thought, “I will continue to write because I have not yet said what I wanted to say”; but I know now I continue to write because I have not yet heard what I have been listening to.

~ Mary Rueflé from, Madness, Rack, and Honey

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Where are the ads, the side bars of widgets, the sharing controls, the attention grabbing baubles?! I’m glad you noticed. My choice of site design is intentional; it’s my way of demonstrating my respect for your time, Dear Reader.

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