Curious – with Suzi Nou

Suzi Nou joins Craig to discuss how passion and curiosity—for podcasting and anesthesiology—intertwine, revealing the depths of medical podcasting and the art of engaging conversations.

There is this breadth of what people recall— what people know. Medicine has advanced, and they might be stuck in their practice that they were doing five, ten years ago, with that technique because it works for them. It works really well. And I don’t want to say it’s a bad technique, but there’s newer techniques coming through, and those new techniques work really well in the hands of those people learning them and practicing them regularly.

~ Suzi Nou, 7:10

Suzi Nou and Craig Constantine meander through the intricacies of medical podcasting, the evolution of an anesthesiologist’s career, and the impact of podcasting on personal and professional growth. Suzi shares her experiences as the president of the Australian Society of Anesthetists during the pandemic, as a podcast host keen on exploring the vast landscape of medical advancements and techniques. She reflects on how podcasting served as an efficient tool to disseminate vital information during the early days of COVID-19, addressing the urgent queries of anesthesiologists nationwide.

I think as long as I am intrigued and curious about anesthetists in Australia, there’ll be something in there that makes me want to do it.

~ Suzi Nou, 26:20

The conversation also explores the creative challenges and opportunities presented by podcasting. Suzi discusses her vision for her podcast as a platform to showcase the depth of talent within the Australian anesthesiology community. Beyond the technicalities of medicine, they touch on the concept of “podfade” and the continuous quest for relevance and engagement in the podcasting space. Suzi expresses curiosity about the future directions of her podcasting endeavors, including a potential sabbatical in Europe and the concept of podcasting 2.0, which intrigues her due to its technical complexities.


The power of podcasting — how it serves as an efficient means to disseminate information rapidly.

Impact on personal and professional growth — podcasting as a tool for learning and improvement, enhancing questioning skills, and better engagement with trainees and patients.

Challenges of staying relevant — the concept of “podfade” and the continuous quest for engaging content and connection with the audience in the ever-evolving podcast landscape.

Creative side projects in podcasting — the potential for branching out into other areas of interest, such as podcasts aimed at children or exploring completely different topics, to keep the creative juices flowing.

The significance of networking — the importance of expanding one’s network through podcasting, which can facilitate connections and provide resources across the globe.

Personal anecdotes as learning tools — using personal experiences and stories to make complex topics more relatable and understandable for a wider audience, including non-specialists.


Suzi Nou — on LinkedIn

Australian Anaesthesia — Suzi Nou’s podcast.

ASA — The Australian Society of Anaesthetists: A professional association that supports and connects anesthesiologists in Australia.

Podcast 2.0 — An initiative aimed at evolving podcasting through new features and technologies.

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