Reflection: Why self-focus?

In this, our journey of small steps, reflection means self-reflection. That requires self-focus.

When you are self-focused—I’m talking about the small time you’re using right now to read this—you are the most important person in the universe.

You focus on you. I focus on me. They focus on themselves. Each of us self-reflects.

We know that other people are not resources for our consumption. It turns out that the best way to change the world… to be happy, to serve others, to be fulfilled… is to work on improving ourselves. Then we can each best do whatever it is we’re called to do.

Our experienced universe is not zero-sum. That means that it is possible for me to improve myself without causing other’s loss. In fact, my self-improvement improves the world. My relationships with others are a part of myself. Improving myself improves my relationships, which—since those relationships are also part of others—directly improves the people with whom I am interrelated.


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