Reflection: Where to begin?

It took me many years to develop my personal habit and routines around reflection. On this blog, I’ve written a lot about the changes I’ve attempted in my journey of self-improvement, including a post in particular detailing what my morning reflection looks like. However, I’m not going into great detail of my habits and routines.

What are you thinking right now, after reading that paragraph?

(Sit with that question for a bit.)

What do you think about what I wrote?
Are you curious to know my story in more detail?
What do you think about being reflective?
Are you curious to know more about yourself?

Whatever you’re thinking, that’s perfect.

What you’re going to do—now through March 1st, is practice being reflective. You’ve done the easy part: You’ve decided to practice.

The first three posts—this one, January 2, and Sunday January 3—are going to explain how this works. In this post, I’m simply introducing you to being reflective upon being prompted.

That’s all for today.


As a PDF — You can download Practicing Reflection as a single e-book.