Yosemite Falls

This is the upper fall. It’s 1,430′ (440m). The photo is from a foot bridge at the trail’s closest approach. If you look closely, there is a hiker wearing a blue jacket, standing atop the largest rock.

Ahwahnee Hotel

Any early-morning snapshot of the hotel from the less-photographed side. We were staying outside the valley, so we only strolled through the hotel’s grand, public spaces. It’s close to the rocks—but not as close as it appears; the cliff is simply much higher than it appears.


Badger Pass

We had a little hotel room in Mariposa, just outside Yosemite Valley. We’d gone grocery shopping, and were day-tripping into the valley on the first bus of each day; the one the valley’s employees use each morning, so we were arriving before things were open. One morning we rented our own snow shoes, and packed a full lunch—hot soup and all. We bused up to Badger Pass ski area and took their guided snow shoe walking tour to the top of the pass. Eventually, everyone else turned around and walked back. We stomped some seats and a table into the deep snow, sat on our jackets in the glorious sun, and spent an hour having our lunch with this view.