Solar minimum #24

Fun fact: a similar dearth of sunspots was documented during the 1645-1715 period referred to as the Maunder Minimum. During this time, crops failed and the Thames River in London froze, making “frost fairs” along its frozen shores possible. Ironically, the Maunder Minimum also began just a few decades after the dawn of the age of telescopic astronomy. During this time, the idea of “spots on the Sun” was regulated to a controversial, and almost mythical status in mainstream astronomy.

~ Fraser Cain from,

Does anyone else know the meme of the sound of a needle being pulled off of a record? …that “low screeching tearing rrrr r r r r rRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRIP sound”?

Yeah, that’s what my brain did when I realized there was a modern era Dr Who episode about them investigating a mystery during a frost fair ON the frozen Thames.

Wait, that was actually a thing…