That’s a moiré

“You don’t need [machine learning,]” Bryan said. “What you need is inverse Fast Fourier Transform.”

~ “Shift Happens” from,

I stumbled over a blog post, containing a pull-quote where someone mentioned inverse Fast Fourier Transform. (A mathematician named Fourier invented a fast way to do a certain sort of transformation that comes up a lot in science; It’s called a Fast Fourier Transform. There’s also a way to undo that transformation, called “the inverse”. Thus, Fast Fourier Transformations (FFT) and inverse FFT. Well, FFT/IFFT is the first thing I can recall that I could not understand. It was shocking. Every other thing I’d ever encountered was easy. But there I was, 20-some-years-old, in graduate school, and I encountered something that was beyond me. I think I had it sorted about 6 times and every time, the next morning, upon waking, it had fallen out of my head. Holy inappropriately long parentheticals, Batman!)

Anyway. Blog post. IFFTs. Time machine to the early 90s. Emotional vertigo.

…and then I clicked thru to the magnificent post which is brilliant. And then I realized the by-line was, “Shift Happens.” o_O This entire thing. I’m in nerd heaven.


PS: Sorry, what? Oh, you read my title, heard the Italian word, “amore,” and wanted a, That’s Amore! pun? Okay, here: When an eel climbs a ramp to eat squid from a clamp… Yes. Really.

Your kind of happy

I’m not sure when we started sending out holiday cards. You know, the old fashioned way, in envelops with a stamp. But, it might be 20 years that we’ve been doing it. Some parts of it are a simple process; For example, we have a digital address list and I simply print the addresses on labels.

The two hardest parts however have always been finding holiday stamps that we liked—that sounds silly, but there it is. So this year, we’re breaking with tradition and simply using the generic postage stamps that we keep on hand.

And finding cards we like. By the time we get around to starting on our holiday cards, it’s too late to really do any custom ordering. Besides, neither of us is willing to buy something we can’t see/touch. And there’s the debate about do we print a photo of ourselves to include? …and what about including a sort of “this past year…” summary letter? Or perhaps those simple photo montages with a simple holiday slogan—we’ve been getting a higher number of those in recent years and it’s nice to see everyone’s photos…

This year we decided to do something different. We spent all of the time we would have spent finding the “right” stamps and finding the “right” cards… and bought cheap-ass plain Avery card stock and spent the time making them ourselves. The card is a solid mediocre job, as far as holiday cards go. But it’s exactly the card we wanted to send out.