Star Wars machete order

Star_Wars_LogoShould you watch the Star Wars movies in numerical order, or released order? Neither – Use machete order: IV, V, II, III, VI

Rod Hilton’s, The Star Wars Saga: Introducing Machete Order:

There are two obvious options for watching the Star Wars saga.

  • Release Order – Watch the films in the order they came out, recreating your experience with the films for someone new to them.
  • Episode Order – Watch the films in the order George Lucas intends, starting with Episode I and going straight through to Episode VI

There are two critical flaws with both of these orders, unfortunately, that prevent either from being appropriate.

Turns out both of those options suck.

Numerical order, (as Lucas’ suggests,) wrecks the greatest movie reveal in history by spending 3 movies explaining it. And release order is also no good because… well… go. read. machete. order.

Seriously. I can’t do Rod’s article justice without quoting the whole thing.