Eric Idle’s Rules for Reading

Rule 1: Never be without a book.

Rule 2: Skip all Prefaces, Forewords and Introductions.

Rule 3: If you’re bored with a book, chuck it. There are millions of books you will never get to read, so if one doesn’t grab you, put it down.

Rule 4: You don’t have to finish a book. You can always come back to it.

Rule 6: You may read several books at once.

Rule 7: You may skip and skim. This is not a class, this is life.

Rule 8: Try and buy from your local bookshop while you still have one.

Rule 9: There is no rule 9.

Rule 10: Enjoy!

~ Eric Idle from,


Eric Idle’s – yes, that Eric Idle – ten rules for reading, from Editorial.