The Evolution of Classical Jojutsu

When one considers it is really only a short, round stick of wood, it is even more intriguing to ponder what an elemental gap the hardwood jo has filled in the history and evolution of the martial disciplines of Japan…
~ Dave Lowry, The Evolution of Classical Jojutsu

There are also some apropos comments on weapons by Kanai Sensei in Aikido News issue 36:

[O-Sensei] would throw the uchideshi, (live-in disciples), with very little in the way of explanation and we would grasp what we could of the feeling of the technique while we were flying through the air…
~ Aikido Journal, Interview with Mitsunari Kanai Sensei

Get a New Wife

Tongue-in-cheek title for an honest article by Dave Lowry, from

We have parents who want to raise perfect children while simultaneously pursuing careers that prevent them from even seeing their offspring for more than a few minutes a day. We have single people who want to establish meaningful, lifelong relationships and who think they can do that by placing a few ostensibly witty lines in a personal ad in a newspaper. And more to the point, we have would-be budoka who expect to reap the benefits of the martial Ways without any real sacrifice.