Quebec on Thursday!

Is there a word for: “excited to meet new people, train in a new place, and freeze to death, all at the same time.” That’s how I feel.

7am in Orefield

Diggin’ out the ‘ol septic tank cover. Yeah baby! Step one to selling the house: tank inspection… ho. lee. sh-



I can’t read it, but I know what to do with it! (rum. must. not. drink. before. noon.) Thanks E&A!

2012, another picnic

This year I actually had time to sit down and talk to *everyone*. Did my best to make sure everyone found someone to talk to/hang out with. So my goal is for *Tracy* to be able to do the same next year.

Our annual picnic went great. (Has it really been five years already?) It was awesome to see so many people that we don’t often get to see! I’m not going to name names, but a lot of people showed up for their first time, and the day just flew by. Great guests, great food (if I do say so myself), kids tearing up the yard, and for a change, the weather even cooperated.