Perspective with Jamie Holmes

Jamie Holmes joins Craig to discuss life’s admin tasks, her journey through holistic healing from melanoma, and insights into the world of circus arts and personal fitness showcasing her multifaceted life and philosophies.

I think it was three months from when I had my first, initial consult with my surgeon, and he said, “okay I can get you in. It’s going to be a bit harder because you’re doing both hips at once, but I can get you in within three months.” And that was horrid to me! I was like, “I have to live three more months like this!?” It wasn’t just that it hurt a little bit when I walked— I couldn’t move— I could not move— I was having weird panic attacks all the time, because if I dropped something and had to bend over, it was— I’m a bit of a tough cookie, but that? That broke me pretty hard.”

~ Jamie Holmes, 35:15

Not your average bears, Craig and Jamie begin in left field discussing ways of managing life’s “admin” tasks. Jamie professes integrating everything into her daily flow, rather than reserving them for a single day. Her approach, she explains, allows her to work at a high speed, avoiding the buildup of dreaded tasks. Her method emphasizes efficiency and the mental ease that comes from staying ahead of administrative duties, reflecting a deeper understanding of personal productivity and time management.

The conversation shifts into Jamie’s profound journey through holistic healing after a melanoma diagnosis. Rejecting traditional treatment paths, Jamie opts for a holistic approach, guided by her conviction in the body’s healing capabilities and her passion for health and fitness. This segment of the discussion not only highlights her resilience but also serves as an inspiring testament to the power of our minds and bodies.

Jamie also shares insights into the world of circus arts and her studio, The Circus Fix, illuminating the challenges and rewards of managing a fitness and arts studio. Her narrative encompasses the delicate balance of artistic passion with the pragmatism of business management, underscoring the significance of adaptability and understanding in leadership roles.


Efficiency in daily tasks—integrating administrative duties into everyday life can enhance productivity and reduce stress.

Holistic healing approaches—exploring non-traditional methods for dealing with serious health issues, such as melanoma, can lead to personal insights and unexpected journeys.

The importance of movement—engaging in physical activities, whether through circus arts or other forms of exercise, is vital for mental and physical health.

Adapting to individual needs—understanding and accommodating the unique ways people process and work can lead to better management and teamwork.

The value of outdoor activities—spending time in nature, particularly in activities like walking on the beach, can serve as a form of meditation and rejuvenation.

Facing life-changing decisions—confronting severe health challenges with courage and openness to unconventional treatments can inspire others.

The challenge of balancing—managing a small business, especially in the arts, requires juggling creative passion with the practicalities of administration and leadership.

The role of community—creating spaces for learning and growth, such as a circus studio, contributes to the well-being and development of both instructors and students.

Personal transformation through adversity—overcoming physical and mental hurdles can lead to profound personal growth and a deeper understanding of one’s capacities and resilience.


The Circus Fix — Jamie Holmes’ circus studio, offering classes in aerial arts and other circus disciplines. — Jamie’s web site with all her professional details.

Carrots, Coffee, and Cancer — Jamie’s book recounting her approach to overcoming melanoma, emphasizing diet, lifestyle, and alternative treatments.

Instagram@jamie7holmes and @thecircusfixto

Surrounded by Idiots — by Thomas Erikson as briefly mentioned in this episode as a resource in relation to understanding team dynamics.

(Written with help from Chat-GPT.)