Perspective – with Giles D’Souza

Giles D’Souza shares his journey from navigating the bustling streets of Mumbai to finding tranquility in movement, as he and Craig Constantine unravel the essence of living fully in the moment amidst the chaos of modern life.

You can take this time for yourself. You can take this time for your clients— take this time for this— and anything above that is it’s fine. Just let it go.

~ Giles D’Souza, 3:15

Giles D’Souza and Craig Constantine navigate the relationships between work, personal growth, and the concept of living fully in the moment. Giles shares his transformative experience of returning from a long journey overseas, which provided him with a fresh perspective on balancing work and personal life. He emphasizes the direct correlation between work and income, especially as a self-employed individual, and how stepping away allowed him to reassess and prioritize his time and activities upon returning. This segment of the discussion highlights the importance of finding equilibrium between professional commitments and personal well-being, suggesting that a deliberate pause can lead to a more fulfilling and intentional way of living.

The conversation also gets into the philosophical, exploring concepts of consciousness, the significance of the present moment, and the universal human experience of navigating life’s fleeting nature. Giles reflects on the practice of mindfulness and the art of letting go, sharing personal anecdotes that underscore the power of focusing on the present to alleviate the burdens of past grievances and future anxieties. This part of the conversation considers the impact of external environments on well-being, with Giles discussing the challenges of living in Mumbai, a city with significant pollution, and how it has influenced his desire for a life closer to nature. Through these discussions, the conversation weaves together themes of personal development, environmental awareness, and the pursuit of simplicity and clarity in a complex world.


The importance of balance — discussing the challenge of managing work and personal life, especially when self-employed, and the value of taking breaks to reassess one’s priorities.

The power of mindfulness — exploring how being present and letting go of past and future worries can significantly improve mental well-being and perspective on life.

Environmental impact on lifestyle — sharing personal experiences of how living in a polluted city can influence one’s health and happiness, and the longing for a life closer to nature.

The significance of the present moment — emphasizing that every second is precious and should be lived fully, whether it’s through work, leisure, or simply being.

The transformative effect of travel — reflecting on how travel can expand one’s perspective, not by ticking off checklist items but by deeply experiencing and immersing oneself in different cultures and environments.

The philosophical exploration of consciousness — delving into the nature of consciousness, the miracle of waking life, and the profound impact of considering our place in the universe.

The aspiration for a sustainable and peaceful living environment — dreaming of a life in the mountains, self-sufficient and in harmony with nature, highlighting the desire for simplicity and tranquility away from urban chaos.

Resources — Giles D’Souza on Instagram

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