Reflecting – with Rob Wreglesworth

Reflecting – with Rob Wreglesworth

Rob Wreglesworth and Craig Constantine dive into the challenges of podcasting, focusing on the unexpected joys and hurdles they encounter.

“The willingness of of people to lend their time so generously I think is probably the thing that surprised me the most”

~ Rob Wreglesworth, 2:11

One of the key topics they explore is the impact of podcasting on connecting with people they previously thought were out of reach. Rob shares his astonishment at how podcasting has opened doors to in-depth conversations with innovators and leaders who would otherwise be inaccessible. This revelation highlights podcasting’s unique power to facilitate meaningful dialogue and share insightful stories with a wider audience.

“[Something might be] mundane and old hat to me, but could be really interesting and insightful to a listener. So I’ve gone to the other end of the spectrum now and just decided to ship the whole conversation pretty much unedited—unless there’s any horrendous bits that need cutting out. That’s definitely helped me cut down [time spent].”

~ Rob Wreglesworth, 19:25

Another significant part of their conversation revolves around the technical and creative aspects of podcasting, such as editing and the use of AI tools. They discuss the delicate balance between over-editing and maintaining the authenticity of the conversation, emphasizing the importance of letting the natural flow of dialogue guide the editing process.

Additionally, they touch on the innovative use of AI, like ChatGPT, to enhance the podcasting process, from generating episode notes to improving show discoverability. This exploration sheds light on the evolving landscape of podcasting, where technology plays a crucial role in enhancing content quality and listener experience.


The power of podcasting—reveals its unique ability to connect with thought leaders and innovators previously considered unreachable, highlighting the medium’s capacity for in-depth and meaningful conversations.

The surprise of generosity—discusses how individuals are often more willing to share their time and stories on podcasts than expected, offering rich, engaging content for listeners.

Editing for authenticity—explores the balance between editing content for clarity and preserving the natural flow of conversation, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in engaging the audience.

The use of AI in podcasting—touches on innovative ways to utilize AI tools like ChatGPT for enhancing the podcasting process, from generating episode notes to improving show discoverability and listener engagement.

The challenge of verbal ticks—addresses the continuous effort to improve speaking skills, including the identification and reduction of verbal ticks, to ensure clear and effective communication.

The evolution of content strategy—considers the decision-making process behind what content to edit out and what to keep, aiming to deliver the most value to listeners while maintaining interest and relevance.

The impact of episode notes and SEO—evaluates the effectiveness of various methods for enhancing podcast discoverability, including the debated value of publishing full transcripts for SEO purposes.


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