Perspectives – with Jeremy Fein

Jeremy Fein, a coach who embraces the power of conversation, joins Craig to talk about the complexities of podcasting and coaching, revealing his journey from creating a successful podcast to purposefully pausing it to refocus.

[Coaching sessions are] much better when they’re not recorded, right? They’re better for the client, which is what matters. And so podcasting felt like a way that I could maybe bridge a gap between the actual work that I do, and— let’s call it content creation. You go to write a caption on Instagram, and it’s just so divorced from the work that I’m doing on a regular basis with clients. That’s why I started [the podcast].

~ Jeremy Fein, 4:28

Jeremy Fein discusses his experiences with podcasting and coaching. He reflects on why he started his podcast, “Nothing Makes Perfect,” acknowledging the abundance of podcasts and his desire to create something meaningful rather than just adding to the noise. Jeremy also delves into his decision to pause his podcast after 25 episodes, a choice driven by a need to reassess and focus on aspects of the podcast he enjoyed and could amplify.

He also talks about the intrinsic connection between his identity and coaching, emphasizing how coaching has become an integral part of who he is. Jeremy’s approach to coaching is deeply rooted in conversation, listening, and idea exploration, rather than traditional fitness instruction. This approach underscores his commitment to personalization in coaching, catering to individual client needs while maintaining a structured yet flexible coaching framework.


Starting a podcast with awareness — discusses the over-saturation of podcasts and the importance of adding value rather than just contributing to the noise.

Pausing a successful podcast — reflects on the decision to take a break, focusing on reassessment and personal growth.

Personal identity and coaching — highlights how coaching has become a part of the speaker’s identity, shaping both professional and personal life.

Adapting to clients’ needs in coaching — emphasizes the importance of personalization in coaching, catering to individual client needs.

Content creation in the digital age — explores the challenges of creating authentic content that resonates with the audience and the creator’s values.


@jeremyfein Jeremy Fein on Instagram. Message him there for conversations or inquiries about his coaching or podcasting experiences.

Fein Movement Jeremy’s web site with coaching information and additional ways to reach him.

Nothing Makes Perfect Jeremy’s podcast.

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