Tension – with Kira Higgs

Kira Higgs joins Craig to discuss her podcast, “The Void Project,” where her exploration of creativity, learning, and growth unfolds through her self-imposed challenge of producing a limited, 10-episode series.

[…] that’s how the name for me personally, came to be, “The Void Project.” Oh, I’m avoiding this dark void. I’m avoiding this place, I’m afraid of being in. But then I find out, oh my God there’s nothing to be afraid of here. It’s fine. […] It looks like a void but it isn’t.

~ Kira Higgs, 13:54

Kira Higgs and Craig Constantine explore facets of podcasting and personal growth. Kira, discussing “The Void Project,” her 10-episode podcast series, reveals her journey into the world of podcasting. She emphasizes how this venture is a means for her to explore and express her creativity. The project is not just about producing content but is deeply intertwined with her learning process in handling technical aspects like recording and editing. This learning curve is a significant theme, as Kira candidly shares her experiences and challenges in acquiring these new skills.

A central topic that Kira touches upon is the concept of innate desire and creativity. She articulates her belief that human beings are naturally inclined to create and that this impulse should be embraced and nurtured. Her perspective is that true creative endeavors stem from a genuine, innate desire rather than external motivations like societal pressures or competition. This insight forms the basis of her approach to podcasting and creative work in general.

The conversation also touches on the metaphorical significance of the name ‘The Void Project.’ Kira explains that the name symbolizes her confrontation with and exploration of her fears and uncertainties. She describes the project as a journey of facing the ‘void’ – the unknown or feared aspects of her creative and personal life. This exploration leads to surprising revelations and personal growth, as she finds that what initially appeared daunting is, in fact, manageable and not as intimidating as perceived. The podcast becomes a platform for Kira to express these realizations and share her thought process during the pandemic, offering a unique blend of personal narrative and creative expression.


Significance of learning and growth — highlights the process of acquiring new skills in podcasting, such as recording and editing, and the challenges faced along the way.

Facing fears and uncertainties — discusses the metaphorical meaning behind ‘The Void Project,’ representing the confrontation with and exploration of personal fears and uncertainties.

Discovery and personal insights — the project serves as a medium for self-discovery, revealing unexpected insights and leading to personal growth.

Impact of external motivations — touches on the influence of societal pressures and competition, and how these factors differ from true, innate creative desires.

The process of creative expression — underscores the importance of expressing one’s unique voice and experiences through creative projects like podcasting.


Robert Fritz — mentioned as a friend and mentor to Kira, author of the book, The Path of Least Resistance for Artists (The Structure and Spirit of the Creative Process), focusing on the dynamics of creativity and creation.

https://kirahiggs.com — Kira Higgs’ web site.

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