Constraints – with Julie Angel

Julie Angel describes herself as multi-passionate. She’s a filmmaker, author, podcaster, movement coach and breath-work expert. Julie joins Craig to share her insights on creativity and the transformative power of movement and breathing.

[…] you got to get out of your own way. And for me the sign of a really great conversation, or recording, is at the end of it I’m like— I always ask myself: Was that really good, or like, ‘meh’. And if it was really good, then it’s just like, ‘it was really good!’ Then if someone says, ‘what did you talk about?’ I’m not sure. I don’t know. I was just in it. […] My kind of deconstruction is how did I feel at the end of it. And that’s it.

~ Julie Angel, 20:40

Julie Angel, a filmmaker and parkour coach, describes the intricacies of her creative process and the challenges she faces in her work. She emphasizes the importance of feedback in creative pursuits, advocating for seeking critical perspectives from those who know and love her. This approach, she argues, is vital for maintaining objectivity and ensuring continuous growth in her craft.

Through the conversation, Julie reflects on the nature of creativity, highlighting the paradox of freedom in artistic expression. She recounts experiences where limitless options in filmmaking, contrary to expectations, proved to be daunting rather than liberating. This leads to a broader discussion about the necessity of constraints in fostering creativity, where she points out that limitations often spur innovation and novel approaches to storytelling and artistic expression.

Julie also explores the concept of flow state, particularly in the context of engaging dialogues and creative work. She describes this state as a measure of the quality of her interactions and creative output, where being deeply immersed in the process is a key indicator of success. Her insights extend to the realm of parkour coaching, where she draws parallels between physical movement and mental creativity. Julie underscores the transformative power of parkour, not just as a physical discipline, but as a medium for personal growth and self-expression.

She shares anecdotes and lessons from her coaching experiences, illustrating how parkour transcends physical boundaries and becomes a metaphor for overcoming life’s obstacles. This intertwining of physical and creative agility forms a central theme of the conversation, shedding light on Julie’s multifaceted perspective on life and art.


Creative Feedback — Julie Angel emphasizes the importance of seeking critical feedback from trusted individuals to maintain objectivity and foster growth in her creative endeavors.

Limitations in Creativity — She discusses how constraints can paradoxically enhance creativity, arguing that having too many options can be overwhelming and less productive for a creative mind.

Flow State in Conversations — Julie identifies the flow state as a key indicator of a successful conversation or recording, where being deeply immersed signifies quality and fulfillment.

Parkour as a Metaphor — Her experiences as a parkour coach reveal how the discipline serves not just as a physical activity but as a metaphor for overcoming life’s challenges, emphasizing personal growth and resilience.

Artistic Freedom versus Structure — She reflects on the challenges of having complete creative freedom, illustrating how structured limitations can actually spur more innovative and meaningful artistic work.

Interplay of Physical and Mental Agility — The conversation highlights the connection between physical movement in parkour and mental creativity, underscoring the parallel skills required in both realms.

Transformative Power of Movement — Julie delves into how movement, specifically through parkour, can be transformative, offering insights into its impact on personal development and self-expression.


  • — Julie’s website with various free resources, including a movement snacks guide and a crawling quadrupedal movement guide, along with her films, podcasts, and coaching information.
  • The Curious Midlife — Julie Angel’s podcast available as audio wherever you listen, and on YouTube with video.
  • Movement of 3 — Julie’s film made with three of her friends: “A film I made with my friends Annty Marais- parkour coach, mover, athlete; Fizz Hood – movement artist, stunt woman and parkour coach, & Shirley Darlington parkour coach with Parkour Generations. Women see. Women Do. Women Move.”
  • Breaking the Jump — Julie’s book about Parkour: “But more than a sport that most jaw-dropped onlookers can hardly comprehend, Parkour is an exploration of movement and a return to our body’s natural ability to run, jump, hang and move with fluidity.”
  • Ciné Parkour — “A cinematic and theoretical contribution to the understanding of the practice of parkour.”
  • British filmmaker Shane Meadows is mentioned in relation to his work and approach to filmmaking.
  • The 5 Obstructions is noted as a documentary featuring filmmaker Lars von Trier.

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