Intentional – with Chris Garay

Intentional – with Chris Garay

Chris Garay joins Craig to discuss balancing varied practices, and how much discipline is actually required for intentional growth.

The conversation revolves around their shared interest in fitness, as they discuss aspects of physical training, the significance of community in fitness spaces, and the challenges of prioritizing various physical practices effectively.

When we show up, we know that [we’re trying] to get better at something via practicing intentionally. But yeah, if it’s not fun, you’re probably not going to stick around and keep going. And that even— honestly, goes back to the discipline [and] willpower. If you constantly have to overcome something just to to start, then you probably won’t start. So if it’s enjoyable and there’s momentum there, that can be very helpful over time.

~ Chris Garay 30:47

Chris and Craig emphasize the need for a balance between discipline and enjoyment in fitness routines. They explore the concept of a gym as a community space, highlighting the value of shared language and camaraderie in training environments. Additionally, they value trying diverse physical practices, but acknowledge the challenge of balancing multiple interests without compromising progress in any one discipline.


Importance of Intentional Practice: the significance of intentional, deep practice in fitness, aiming for progress through focused training rather than scattered efforts across multiple disciplines.

Balancing Discipline and Enjoyment: the necessity of finding a balance between discipline and fun in fitness routines, acknowledging that enjoyable practices lead to more consistent adherence.

Community in Fitness Spaces: the value of a fitness community, where shared language and camaraderie create an environment fostering encouragement, motivation, and a sense of belonging.

Challenges of Multidisciplinary Training: Exploring diverse physical practices poses the challenge of balancing interests while maintaining progress in each discipline, acknowledging the limitations of time and resources for comprehensive development.

Practical Decision-Making: the importance of decisive choices in allocating time and resources, acknowledging that saying no to certain pursuits is crucial for effective focus and progress in chosen areas.

Resources — Chris Garay’s gym in Washington, DC.

@chrisgaray87 — Chris on Instagram.

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