Mindset – with Rodrigo Pimentel

Mindset – with Rodrigo Pimentel

Rodrigo Pimentel discusses his catastrophic stroke, and his journey back from the near-death experience.

This is what’s happening— there’s no point in being angry or being bitter. […] and the only thing I can do about it— or rather, in many ways, I can’t do anything about it right now. What I can do is not panic. And not get bitter. All of that will only make me stop… it will only make it worse. This came sort of naturally. I think this is the mindset that I had, this sense— this is what’s happening. This kept coming back to me over and over and over. ~Rodrigo Pimentel 19:59

Rodrigo Pimentel recounts his stroke experience, reflecting on the unexpectedness and uncertainty that characterized his recovery. He emphasizes the importance of acceptance, revealing how his introspective nature, cultivated through parkour, long-distance running, and meditation, aided his coping mechanism. His ability to embrace introspection, facilitated his acceptance of help and changed his perspective on independence. Throughout the conversation, Rodrigo shares insights on handling adversity, and appreciating the current moment.

All of man’s problems arise from not being able to sit quietly, alone in a room ~Blaise Pascal

The discussion touches on the introspective nature of parkour and long-distance running, highlighting how these activities provide opportunities for profound self-reflection. Additionally, Rodrigo emphasizes the significance of facing pain with curiosity rather than avoidance, shedding light on his approach to overcoming challenges and embracing acceptance in the face of uncertainty.

So in the end, if you look at the big picture, it’s a big basket of the things I want to do, and it’s all in there together, and I’ll shake it somehow, and my week will come out. All this to say […] in the end, I’d describe my practice as ‘bit of everything’.” ~Rodrigo Pimentel 34:16


Embracing Acceptance Amid Uncertainty: Rodrigo emphasizes the necessity of accepting circumstances, particularly during his stroke recovery, where uncertainty loomed large. He found solace in acknowledging and adapting to the unknown, recognizing the importance of this mindset in handling unforeseen challenges.

Introspection Through Athletic Pursuits: His engagement in activities like parkour, long-distance running, and meditation facilitated an introspective mindset. These pursuits prompted deep self-reflection, fostering a capacity to delve into his thoughts and emotions, proving invaluable during his recovery.

Navigating Pain and Challenges: Rodrigo’s approach to pain—advocating facing it with curiosity rather than attempting to distract from it. This perspective, learned through running and parkour, allowed him to explore pain and challenges with an inquisitive mindset, a strategy that proved beneficial in overcoming adversities.

Appreciating Independence and Accepting Help: His stroke altered his perspective on independence, leading to a newfound acceptance of help. Despite his inclination to assist others more than seeking aid himself, Rodrigo adapted to accepting assistance graciously during his recovery.


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Haruki Murakami’s, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

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