Matrix – with Ryland Lanagan

Matrix – with Ryland Lanagan

Join Craig Constantine and Ryland Lanagan as they discuss Ryland’s journey towards longevity, where functional fitness and the sheer joy of movement lead to a healthier and happier life.

[When asked what gets adults engaged?] 100%, it is fun. Fun is that common ingredient… Everybody that gives themselves permission to come in and maybe falter in front of strangers or put themselves out there— Once you’re willing to do that and you start to learn techniques, or you’re starting to exercise, a whole cascade of things happen.

~ Ryland Lanagan ~24’30”

Ryland introduces his Movement Matrix Method, a structured approach to learning parkour that is specifically designed for adults. He shares his remarkable journey from an overweight and disheartened Army veteran to a passionate advocate for parkour. He describes how parkour became a lifelong passion that has not only transformed him physically, but also transformed his outlook on life.

Passion and Fun: The driving force behind Ryland’s commitment to parkour is the sheer joy and fun it brings. Parkour allows people to challenge themselves, experience constant improvement, and get a sense of accomplishment, all while having a great time.

Movement Matrix Method: Ryland describes his movement program incorporating a structured approach to teaching parkour skills, ensuring students progress safely and effectively.

Physical and Mental Benefits: Parkour offers numerous physical and mental benefits. It helps individuals feel proud of their accomplishments. Moreover, it’s a form of exercise that can enhance bone density, improve cardiovascular health, and increase overall strength, contributing to a better quality of life as people age.

Longevity and Functional Fitness: Ryland emphasizes that parkour isn’t just about flashy moves but also about developing functional fitness. It helps individuals maintain their independence and confidence as they age. Whether it’s carrying groceries, climbing stairs, or playing with grandkids, it enhances everyday experiences.

Starting Early: While it’s never too late to start parkour, Ryland recommends that people begin as soon as possible to avoid letting decades pass without engaging in physical activity. It’s important to respect one’s physical limits, start slowly if necessary, and commit to continuous improvement.

Passion is Contagious: Ryland’s enthusiasm for parkour is contagious, and he believes that sharing this passion with others can inspire them to try parkour and experience its benefits.

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