Clarity – with Ron Decter

Clarity – with Ron Decter

Craig Constantine and Ron Decter discuss the importance of moving towards dialogue rather than a typical Q&A format, making podcasts more engaging. Ron’s podcast, Simplest State, invites you to explore the mysteries of higher consciousness and the potential of the human mind. They also discuss the struggle of describing one’s show in a few words, highlighting the importance of clarity and coherence in conveying its essence to potential listeners.

Simplest State is for anyone who’s ever felt that there’s something more to life than the mundane, that there’s something beyond the daily routine of life or someone who’s ever felt that the power of the mind is something much more than we have harnessed so far.

~ Ron Decter, 10’48”


Embracing Dialogue in Podcasting: The conversation highlights the value of moving towards more conversational podcast formats. Shifting away from a journalistic question-and-answer style can add depth and authenticity to interviews, making the content more engaging for both guests and listeners.

Exploring Profound Topics: Ron Decter’s podcast, “Simplest State,” serves as a platform to explore profound subjects like higher consciousness, the power of the mind, and the philosophical aspects of the universe. Creating podcasts that delve into deep and thought-provoking themes can attract a niche audience seeking intellectual and spiritual exploration.

The Importance of Defining a Podcast’s Essence: The conversation underscores the significance of clearly defining a podcast’s essence in concise language. Using exercises like Eric Nuzum’s 10-word challenge can help creators refine their vision, leading to a better understanding of their content’s purpose and attracting the right audience for their show.


Simplest State — Ron’s podcast can be found wherever you normally listen.

Make Noise — Eric Nuzum’s book mentioned in this conversation.