Intentional – with Auraiya Madrid

Auraiya Madrid highlights the significance of creating meaningful relationships, embracing creativity, and being intentional in her practice, offering insight into her journey as a performer, athlete, and gym owner.

I try to live my life [without regrets] because you do the best with what you know and what you have at the moment. Generally, as long as you’re doing that, that’s all you can do.

~ Auraiya Madrid 18′ 55″

Craig Constantine talks with Auraiya Madrid. They explore her dynamic approach to life as a self-described “Hobby Hoarder,” constantly embracing new projects and challenges. They discuss the transition from performer to content creator and the importance of building authentic connections with audiences. The conversation also dips into Auraiya’s experience founding Edge Movement, a parkour gym, and the valuable lessons learned. Throughout the conversation, Auraiya emphasizes the significance of creativity, diversity, and intentionality in her practice.

Creativity is definitely a skill set … anyone who doesn’t think they have it, that just means they haven’t practiced it. You can always get better at creativity.

~ Auraiya Madrid ~3′ 20″


The best takeaways from this conversation with Erica Auraiya Madrid are:

Embracing Diverse Interests: Erica is a self-described “Hobby Hoarder” who enjoys exploring various activities like movement, arts and crafts, music, and more. Embracing diverse interests can lead to personal growth and creativity.

Creativity as a Skill: Erica emphasizes that creativity is a skill that can be developed with practice. It’s not limited to a select few, and anyone can become more creative through consistent effort.

Prioritizing People and Mentorship: Erica prioritizes paying her coaches well and fostering strong mentor-student relationships. She believes in the importance of investing in people’s growth and providing a positive influence in their lives.


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