Recovery – with Eric Rubin

Join Eric Rubin and Craig Constantine as they reflect on the role of uncertainty in recovery and the need to accept and adapt to life-altering injuries, offering a glimpse into the emotional struggle of finding a new sense of self and purpose amidst uncertainty.

Parkour, and being part of the parkour community… was one of the few times where I felt this solace from the grief and a connection to people.

~ Eric Rubin, ~20’10”

Eric shares his personal journey of how parkour has played a significant role in his life, teaching him valuable lessons in persistence, adaptation, and creativity. He recounts how parkour became a source of solace and connection during a challenging time marked by the loss of his brother to suicide and a debilitating Achilles tendon injury.

The conversation dives into the emotional impact of personal loss and how it can affect one’s physical and mental well-being. Eric and Craig discuss the potential connections between emotional upheaval, such as grief, and the tendency to push oneself too hard in an effort to overcome challenges.

Finally, Eric expresses his struggle with uncertainty regarding his nerve injury and its long-term effects on his physical abilities. He shares his journey of acceptance, resilience, and finding ways to be a fulfilled individual regardless of the outcome, while still striving to give his best.

Throughout the conversation, the power of shared experiences, seeking inspiration from others who have faced similar challenges, and the importance of emotional support are emphasized. The transformative impact of parkour and the resilience it instills in individuals are central themes that emerge from Eric’s story.


The transformative power of parkour — Parkour is portrayed as a practice that instills perseverance, adaptability, and creativity, offering valuable life lessons beyond physical skills.

The interconnectedness of emotional and physical challenges — Eric’s experience with grief and his subsequent injury raises intriguing questions about the relationship between mental state, motivation, and the ability to overcome physical obstacles.

Embracing uncertainty and seeking new possibilities — Eric’s acceptance of uncertainty regarding his recovery emphasizes the importance of resilience and finding alternative paths to fulfillment, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.


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