Production – with Jason Tieri

Explore the interaction of audio and video, as Craig and Jason discuss the crucial importance of nonverbal cues, the frustrations of unreliable Wi-Fi, and the irreplaceable value of face-to-face interactions in the world of podcasting.

I had that [imposter syndrome] with my clients too… They can’t start their first episode because they don’t like the sound of their voice.

~ Jason Tieri

In a captivating conversation, hosts Craig and Jason dive deep into the realm of podcasting, sharing their personal reflections and experiences. They explore the reasons behind their aversion to listening to their own work, discovering the mix of imposter syndrome and the fear of uncovering mistakes.

I’m always surprised at actually how good [my episodes] are.

~ Craig Constantine

I think I just don’t want to listen to [my own work] for a third time.

~ Jason Tieri

With a humorous touch, they discuss the perils of vocal quirks and mouth noises, shedding light on how some hosts may unintentionally overlook these aspects. They also touch upon the significance of video in podcasting, highlighting the benefits of nonverbal cues and the challenges of unreliable Wi-Fi. Ultimately, their discussion serves as a reminder of the constant learning and growth that podcasting entails.


Imposter Syndrome — Both Craig and Jason discuss experiencing imposter syndrome, highlighting a common struggle among podcasters and content creators. This psychological phenomenon adds a layer of relatability and vulnerability to their conversation.

Importance of Video — Jason emphasizes the importance of video in podcasting, not only for visual cues but also for better communication and understanding between hosts and guests. This insight sheds light on the multifaceted nature of podcasting and the role that different mediums can play in enhancing the overall experience.

Personal Growth — Jason mentions going through therapy during the course of his podcast, “Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered.” This indicates that podcasting can be a transformative journey, leading to personal growth and self-reflection for hosts and guests alike.

Balancing Self-Criticism and Appreciation — Craig expresses both surprise at the quality of his podcast episodes and a persistent self-critical mindset. This internal struggle highlights the delicate balance between recognizing one’s accomplishments and constantly striving for improvement, which many podcasters can relate to.

Technical Challenges — The conversation briefly touches upon the challenges of internet connectivity and bandwidth, particularly when recording interviews with guests from different locations. This showcases the practical difficulties that podcasters face and the importance of stable internet connections for a seamless recording experience.

Resources This is Jason’s production company, Hey Guys Media Group. This is The Gig Economy Podcast, which focuses on gig work and covers topics related to platforms like Uber, DoorDash, Lyft, and Instacart. Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered is the show Jason recently completed.

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