A call to action

(Part 9 of 11 in series, A Tracer's Manifesto)

( In late 2016 I began a small discussion with a few friends about an idea. Eventually the project became a web site [now gone] and this series contains the posts from that site. The project continues in the Parkour Forum. )

Originally published Feb 2, 2017

“A statement of principles and a bold, sometimes rebellious, call to action,” is the perfect description of what I intend for this project.

Hopefully, eventually many others will contribute generally to the discussion, but I feel it’s important to start by explaining a bit about what this actually is. There are a few others helping with behind-the-scenes meta-work, but all the discussion of the contents of the Manifesto will occur in the open.

Please begin by reading the About page. ( …that is to say, the next part of this series. )


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